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LÖMI continues its long-term expansion course with strategic partner

For LÖMI GmbH, the strategic partnership with GAW Group strengthens the growth of its core business of MIM/CIM debinding systems as well as the broadening of its business activities into the solvent based plastics circular flow economy.

LÖMI is considered to be one of the market leaders for MIM and CIM solvent debinding systems. Our customers include the leading MIM and CIM part manufacturers world-wide, for example in the automotive, aerospace, medical and watchmaking industries.

Over the last few years, LÖMI developed a new technology to industrial maturity in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV and a renowned multinational company. This technology is capable of selectively solving multi-layer film plastics waste, for example from food packaging, in a non-destructive manner. All the contained plastic fractions (PE, PP etc.) can be separated, purified and tailored for subsequent processing. The quality of the recovered resources equals new goods, making them suitable for premium applications.

To facilitate the breakthrough of this technology on a global scale, LÖMI has formed a strategic partnership with GAW Group from Graz in Austria, which has acquired a share in the company. Management of LÖMI continues to be in the hands of its founder Diplom-Ingenieur (FH) José M. Dias Fonseca and of Diplom-Ingenieur (FH) Christian Ferreira Marques, who continue to hold a substantial share in the company.

»Due to the continuously increasing customer demand, our company's turnover has steadily grown, in the last two years by 46 and 65 percent, respectively, as compared to the year before. Therefore, it was the next logical step for us to find a strategic partner to further our internationalisation and the expansion of our business activities. It was important to us in our search that this partner is capable of supporting us in our long-term goals and that it shares our values such as reliability, innovativeness and cooperative relationships with our customers, staff members and suppliers. We are very pleased to have found the perfect partner with the family-operated GAW Group«, Managing Partner Christian Ferreira Marques states.

»Research and development have always been a key aspect in manufacturing our systems since the formation of the company in 1991. It is our vision to create new and very promising technologies and to achieve their breakthrough. As an example, we have introduced our solvent debinding systems to the market in 2001, and within just a few years, we have become one of the world market leaders. Now we are ready for the next step with our systems for the plastics circular flow economy«, the company's founder and Managing Partner José M. Dias Fonseca adds.

»The prospects of LÖMI are exceedingly positive: the MIM/CIM industries keep on growing rapidly, in addition more and more PIM part producers are switching to the solvent debinding process. Furthermore, the demand for clean processes will increase over the course of the next few years due to tightened legislation regarding environmental protection and occupational health and safety. The high-quality recovery of plastic material is a social responsibility that GAW Group and LÖMI are glad to meet together now«, Mag. Robert Assl-Pildner-Steinburg and DI Alexander Rinderhofer of GAW Group outline the development perspective of LÖMI.

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LÖMI exhibits at Euro PM2018

Euro PM201814 – 18 October 2018
Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC)

Bilbao, Spain



LÖMI continues to grow and creates more jobs

We welcome two new colleagues in our team:

  • Another engineer joined our engineering team.
  • A new colleague in our facility management helps create a productive work environment.
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