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Functional Principle of Metal Swarf De-oiling

In order to rid the metal swarf of the oil, it is inserted into the extraction chamber in a perforated tray. Subsequently, the chamber is flooded with solvent.

After a preset time of exposure, the solvent-oil-mixture is drained from the extraction chamber into the distillation chamber. Here, the solvent is evaporated and, via a recooler unit, piped back into the storage tank, from where it can be resupplied to the process.

Functional Principle of Metal Swarf De-oiling by LÖMI

The distillation process is supported and accelerated by applying a vacuum. The complete cycle is generally passed through two to three times, depending on the kind of metal swarf and its oil content.

After the last washing cycle, the extraction chamber is heated so that the solvent still remaining in the metal swarf can be piped into the storage tank, via a second recooler unit. After this drying cycle, the extraction chamber contains the oil- and solvent-free metal swarf.

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