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Solvent and Water Debinding in ONE System

LÖMI's debinding system EDA-50LW is capable of debinding with both organic solvents and water and therefore is the first system of its kind in the PIM industry. Should you consider starting your own PIM parts manufacturing process, this system will enable you to easily enter the PIM market. As an established PIM parts producer, the EDA-50LW will allow you to diversify your processes.

The new system is available as a test or rental system so that you can test your processes at the LÖMI pilot plant stations or in your own company with a rental system. That way, you can try out new kinds of feedstock and/or binder systems or optimise your existing processes, using both organic solvents and water as a debinding medium. Should you later decide to puchase a new LÖMI debinding system, we will customise the system to your process, based on the test results. The costs for the rental system can be credited to the new investment.

The LÖMI system EDA-50LW uses robust, proven and tested technology. The integrated drying of parts saves time and costs, as the brown parts can be dried in the system directly after the debinding process, with no additional handling of the parts being required. The integrated solvent recovery ensures a fresh debinding medium at all times. The closed system is environmentally beneficial, the design as a front-end loader and the large variety of available trays and loading carriages render the system highly ergonomic, therefore saving time and costs.

Easy Entry into MIM / CIM Debinding – Model EDA-50LW

  • Available as test or rental system
  • Debinding with organic solvents as well as water – for testing and optimising your processes
  • Integrated drying of parts
  • Integrated solvent recovery
  • Closed system
  • Ergonomic front-end loader

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We offer you, at customer's option, a 24- or 48-hour-Service.
Optionally, we support you via remote maintenance in the operation of your LÖMI system.
For our high-quality systems, you can optionally extend the warranty period to up to 5 years.
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Tel.: +49 6026 99622-0
Fax: +49 6026 99622-30
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